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Burning Memories, premiere at Tromsø Film Festival TIFF, January 2018

                 e is run by filmmakers Anne Kjersti Bjørn, Anne Magnussen and Ellen-Astri Lundby.  Our CDs consist of short films, animation and documentaries. In addition of making free artistic films, we also conduct research dissemination, assignment films, teaching, lectures and workshops. We met each other in Bergen in the 90s, where both the Media Workshop and the Norwegian Film Center put Bergen on the film map. Today we are located in Oslo and Bergen with strong connection to Finnmark and Northern Norway.

"Documentary is a creative adaptation of reality" From the left; Anne Magnussen, Ellen-Astri Lundby and Anne Kjersti Bjørn

History & Her-story Cinemas believe that stories having a gender perspective are important. It is necessary to promote a female gaze on the world as long as there is a gender imbalance in who expresses themselves in the film media. Cinemama also has a big heart for the personal documentary and historical films. On the repertoire we have several films about the relationship between mothers and daughters! Cinema's focus is on enhancing, promoting and distributing films made by female directors, and is happy to collaborate with men on this!


Ellen-Astri Lundby is a producer and director in her own company Ellen Lundby Film & Media with several award winning films, not least the two cultural documentaries My Mother's Secret and Joikefeber. These are films that have gained a place in the collective consciousness about the Norwegians' research and are used in many different contexts. Excerpts from the first mentioned film now include in the exhibition "People - from race types to DNA sequences", at the Technical Museum in Oslo. Lundby also has experience in research dissemination and has made films for scientific conferences, films that will later be shown at film festivals! This spring, Lundby's latest documentary Burning Memories went to the cinema in Northern Norway and received good criticism for how it lifts our own war history with 75,000 Norwegians driven by the occupation power - up to the present day where millions are fleeing war constantly.



Ellen-Astri Lundby
Eddaveien 101
1513 Moss
+47 908 39 168



Anne Kjersti Bjørn has been an award-winning director since the late 1990s. Best known for the documentary GIFTED BEAUTIES which has won awards at festivals, shown on TV at home and abroad, in art galleries, museums and in Theatre. The film can be bought from Vimeo on demand. In recent years, she has worked with a development researcher on the dissemination of films about the impact of megasports events on the event cities. She is part of the production company Bjørn Braathen Productions AS.

Her latest film "When Woman Came to Earth" puts #Me too problematic into a mythical universe. Bjørn has a university degree. She has also studied theater science and worked as a radio journalist and theater critic for about ten years before concentrating on the film. 




Anne Kjersti Bjørn

Observatorie Terrasse 10b

0270 Oslo

+47 977 934 39 338



Anne Magnussen is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a background from NRK.She has her own company EMBLA FILM. In her latest films she tests the boundaries between documentary, animation and art films. The movie THE MAN WHO KNOWS 75 LANGUAGES is now traveling to film festivals all over the world. This film is a coproduction between Norway, Lithuania and Poland, initiated, directed and directed by Anne. In addition, she was responsible for all filming in London. She has a wide international network and has participated in film-related EEA projects together with Romanian and Polish partners. She made an exhibition at "The Contemporary Art Exhibition" THE FLIP BOOK in Seoul in 2018 where she has built up an exhibition related to the film. She has also been invited to several viewing venues in Norway and is now in dialogue with an actor to create a permanent viewing site for the project THE MAN WHO KNOWS 75 LANGUAGES. The film has just entered into an agreement on international distribution through Poorhouse Int.



Anne Magnussen

Klostersmauet 6,

5005 Bergen

 +47 99012370


PREMIERE Februar 2020

A film by Anne Kjersti Bjørn

Two young feminists are taken on a historic mythic travel by the historic Eve. They learn where misogyni comes from. This is a mixed media production of live action and animation. Duration 13 minutes



password: Kvinnen.


A film by Ellen Astri Lundby

One or Two Cameras Coverage
35mm/DSLR filming
Online Streaming
Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
and so much more!



Pass: brasil


pass: brasil

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