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The Olympic Dream, directing, 2016
Financed by the Norwegian Research Council and The film center of East-Norway. Been screened in several countries and festivals.
Can be bought on vimeo on demand


Yellow Card to Fifa 2014
 co-directing, photo and productions, Screened on VGTV, now on youtube

Before the party, photo and production, 2013.
More than a 135 000 views on youtube.


Merry go round for Peace, script and directing, 2008
Financed among others The Norwegian Film Institute. part1 part2


Grannymum, script and directing, 2006
inanced by the Norwegian Film Institute, Institute for health and Rehabilitating an the North Norwegian Filmsenter.
Interantional Sales by The Norwegian Film Institute, Toril Simons


Gifted Beauties, 2000

35 mm Documentary film, script and directing,

Financed by: West Norwegian Film Center, Bergen city of Culture 2000,

Norwegian Film Institute, Norwegian Cassette Taxation Fund.
Sold to NRK (Hanne Hoel), SVT (Vera Bonnier.


Cinema release, November 2nd 2001,

distr: SEG (Egil Oedegaard) International sales: The Norwegian Film Institute,

Toril Simonsen.

Screened at many National and International Filmfestivals.
Vimeo link:

Password: Vilde von Krogh


The Debutante 1998

Cell animation based upon Leonora Carringtons novel The Debutante,
Directing and Production.
Financed by Norwegian Cassette Taxation Fund,
West Norwegian Film Center. Shown at The Norwegian Short filmfestival and

The Municipal Cinema of Bergen.

Declared Non Sami, 1996
Script and directing, documentary, 35 mm film, Financed by North Norwegian Film Center.
Distribution : Toril Simonsen, The Norwegian Film Institute.
Screened at Nordick Panorama, Kobenhavn, Lübeck, Nordic Glory, Finland, Tampere, Finland. Honorable mention at The Norwegian Film festival, 1996

Portraits From Sarajevo 1995

Documentary, script , direction and Production,
Financed by West Norwegian Film Center

Technically Sweet 1995
Fiction, 16mm film, script, direction and production
Financed by West Norwegian Film Center.

Screened at The Norwegian Short film Festival.


Cinderella, animation 1992
16mm film, script, direction, photo, animation and production,
Financed by The National Center for Screen studies and Bergen City Council.


A fast One 1990

cell animation, 35 mm film, script, director and producer
Financed by The National Short Film Commission,Norway.

Distribution by Europafilm.

Screenplay won a competition for commercials, 1989


Streetkids of Maputo 1989
Documentary, photo, direction and production


Towards something Else 1988

Documentary , script, direction and production
Financed by The National Center for Screen Studies.

Sold to The Institute of theatre studies, University of Bergen.

Shown at festivals in Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Youtube with Norwegian title "på vei mot noe annet" 

Vegetable Sex 1988

Music Video, script and direction

Dry Sheets 1987
Animation, script and direction
Shown at short film festivals in Norway,

the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada.

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